Modem Wifi Ruijie RG-WS6008

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Modem Wifi Ruijie RG-WS6008 access controller (AC) is the next generation enterprise-class wireless network controller that delivers a secure, robust, highly scalable wireless solution at unbeatable total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Modem Wifi Ruijie RG-WS6008 can manage up to 32 APs by default and a maximum capacity of 448 APs with license upgrade.

Seamless integrated with Ruijie Wireless Intelligent Cloud Service (WIS) that provides AI-based wireless optimization round the clock for your WiFi Ruijie service.

Easy Web Management

The Modem Wifi Ruijie RG-WS6008 controller supports a web management interface, which provides simplified wireless initial provisioning, configuration and high visibility for the whole network operation.

Hassle-free Authentication
Captive Portal Authentication
Integrated easy portal for Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot

Artificial Intelligent Cloud Service

Ruijie WIS is an AI-based intelligent service designed for Wi-Fi optimization on the cloud. Seamlessly integrated with Ruijie hardware AC on-premises helps to streamline Wi-Fi deployment planning, delivery testing as well as operation diagnosis.

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Application Scenario

The Modem Wifi Ruijie RG-WS6008 controller provides the unified management platform to manage wireless AP in the campus network. It is also integrated with the Ruijie WIS platform on the cloud to further enhance Wi-Fi optimization services, managed AP up to 448 units, ideal for small to medium business environment.

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